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Podcast Assistant - Making Podcasting Easier

About Your Podcast Assistant

Hi, I’m Chanda Stegall and I want to be your Podcast Assistant (PA)!

I began listening to podcast back in 2006 and I quickly became intrigued with the medium. I began my first podcast in 2007 and I loved the process of editing, publishing and marketing my content.

I have completed online training courses by Cliff Ravenscraft (learnhowtopodcast.com – not podcastingatoz), Pat Flynn, Kelly McCausey and more.

I continue to sharpen my skills by listening to podcast production podcasts every week to stay abreast of the latest developments in the industry.

Over the years, I have created and produced several podcasts of my own and functioned as a producer of podcasts for others including the Escape Together Podcast, Beginning at 30 Podcast, Keller Springs Church Podcast and more.

While I love to produce my own content, I have come to realize that my true passion is to be behind the person behind the mic functioning in a support role.

I a skilled website developer, content creator and audio editor and I want to put my expertise to work for you.

Let’s get started today!

Email info@podcastassistant.com to schedule a time to discuss your needs.